Monday, 31 October 2011

Mad about cupcakes

Cupcakes are a firm favourite of mine, I like eating them but I love decorating them. I especially like how you can choose to stop at one or eat as many as you like. Most of what I do is self taught from piping to now making more and more intricate cupcake toppers. It's so easy to whip up a batch and spend a good few hours messing round with the decorations and trying new things out. This post is a dedication to the versatile, underestimated favourite of mine:

Made for my friend's 23rd birthday this year. Plain vanilla with butter cream icing and hand made butterflies:

White chocolate chip and raspberry cupcakes:

Plain vanilla with rainbow icing:

Plain cupcakes covered in fondant icing and decorated with hand made flowers:

More plain ones, just practicing my icing:

Halloween cupcakes made for a friends birthday. Finished off with hand made toppers which I painted:


  1. Gracie, you are AMAzing! I absolutely adore cupcakes too ^.^ And seriously, great photography too!

  2. These are beautiful! How did you learn to do this by yourself?!

  3. Mostly from YouTube videos and also visiting my local cake shop and asking for advice! I just find it addictive.