Sunday, 24 June 2012

Triple layer chocolate cake

Now for those of you who are good observers you will have noticed a cake like this already on my blog.  I originally made this cake for my friend Jade's birthday back in Februrary of this year, however when I was asked to make some birthday cakes for a girl at the office this one instantly came to mind. This cake is definitely one where you have a case of eyes bigger than belly and then can't manage to finish the slice you have taken for yourself; it is just so rich.  I would say it's most definitely the King of chocolate cake and heaven for a chocoholic with it's adorning chocolate buttons and Maltesers:

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest Birthday Cake of them all?

Last weekend was one of my very good friends from University's birthday and so for her present I made her a cake (I think it's just sort of expected that I'll show up with cake when there's a birthday gathering).  I've wanted to make this one every since I saw it in one of my many cake themed books and with hers being a June birthday thought this was a perfect opportunity.  All of the butterflies/flowers are made from flower paste and the cake is covered in meringue buttercream.  The cake itself was a normal sponge but was ever-so light and fluffy:

What a right boob...

I was asked to make these cakes by a family friend for her to give to a lady she knew who had had breast cancer.  I don't think they really need much more of an introduction...

Cookie Monster!

I've seen these cupcakes a few times on the internet in my many hours spent looking at different cupcakes and so on a rainy Saturday I decided to try them for myself. Everyone who has ever watched Sesame Street should be able to recognise these cakes as The Cookie Monster! The cake itself was a chocolate sponge with crushed Oreo biscuit in the mix to make it extra chocolatey and the icing was plain buttercream with colour added.  His eyes are made from white chocolate buttons with chocolate chips 'glued on' and in his mouth sits a Maryland cookie:

Jubliee celebration

I know there were many people baking cakes for the Jubilee celebrations and I was one of them! I ended up making three lots of edible goodies with a Jubilee theme and I'm about to showcase two of them.

First up the Jubilee tray-bake; a lemon infused sponge covered in scrummy buttercream and piled with berries in the celebratory colours:

The next Jubilee inspired baking I did was to make some cupcakes for my friends party.  They were lemon flavoured cupcakes topped in coloured buttercream and adorned with a gold crown.  They went down a treat:

Friday, 18 May 2012

My birthday cake

A while ago now I saw a photo of a cake somebody had liked on Facebook and knew that I had to try it! This cake is easy to do once you have the technique of piping roses down to an art form.  It's simple yet so so effective.  The inside is just plain sponge with butter cream between each layer:

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Carrot cake

There were two birthdays in the office this week (mine being one of them) and my colleague asked if I would make him a cake for the office and requested a carrot cake.  Carrot cake has to be one of my favourite kinds of cake: