Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Birthday cake!

It was my good friend's Jade's birthday at the end of February and she loves chocolate so I made this beast, it's a triple layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache icing and covered in chocolate decorations. Happy Birthday Jade!


It has been so sunny these past two weeks and that combined with some inspiration from a new magazine I bought I decided to make these beauties! They were just plain sponge with white chocolate chips in, topped with butter cream icing. The real beauty was the decorations - glittering butterflies:

Chocolate tart

For a while I'd been wanting to make my own pastry, usually I make cakes and I'd never tried before so that was the reason behind this creation! The pastry was sweet shortcrust and the filling was a rich dark-chocolate based one. I ended up sharing it with people at work as I couldn't manage it all myself:

Sticky toffee... cheesecake

Mum and I have never eaten Christmas Pudding, we've always had something else for dessert on Christmas Day and this year I offered to make it! I really like cheesecake and saw this recipe in a Good Food Magazine and suggested it, I must say it was delicious and I would definitely recommend!

Christmas cupcakes

I LOVE Christmas, and I love cake so what could be better than some Christmas themed cupcakes? The decorations are just ready-made ones and I added shimmer as well. The icing on these cakes is marshmallow which is much lighter than butter cream but very sticky (!).

After Eights...

I might be ever so slightly addicted to chocolate mint flavoured things so these cupcakes seemed like an amazing idea to me. I made a basic chocolate sponge recipe and then topped the cakes with mint flavoured icing and an after Eight:

I know I haven't posted in a while but I've been busy with exams since December, though I am now finished for a while! So I'm going to put up several posts with photos of things I have made over the past few months!

Firstly; Oreo cupcakes! These were really yummy, I ground up Oreo pieces to put into the cake batter and icing. Definite chocolate heaven in a cupcake: