Monday, 10 October 2011

Cinnamon & blackberry cake

Continuing on the blackberry theme (I still have two bags left in my freezer to use up) this week I chose to make a cinnamon & blackberry cake from Sainsbury's magazine. Cinnamon is such a lovely spice and reminds of dark nights and Christmas time. This recipe used wholemeal flour, which is not something I have come across before but it goes very well with the cinnamon and lovely filling of; cream, blackberries and blackberry jam. My cakes rose massively and I almost wish I had made 3 layers instead of two, it certainly would have looked more impressive!

Somebody at work declared it was of the best cakes I had made yet, it was gone in around half an hour but then again cake always makes Monday just that little bit better.

Anyway here's the pictures:


  1. That sounds gorgeous. I don't think I would ever think to put cinnamon and blackberry together, but seems to work really well. You could perhaps try it in a sort of blackforesty gauteuxy sort of cake? Looks scrummy :)

  2. I could yes, but I hate cherries! Could do it and feed it to people at work though. The cinnamon and blackberries went really well together :-)

  3. Hmm, seems I've only just found your response. (I wonder if I can set up email to notify me of them?) Anyway, I don't like cherries either! And yet I still love blackforest gateaux :P I've never had blackberry and cinnamon and now I really want to :(