Thursday, 22 September 2011

Raspberry Ripple Cake

I often buy good food magazine, attracted by the lovely photos they have on the front and also I often grab it whilst stood in a queue at the supermarket. This month's has some gorgeous cakes in it so I have been working my way through them.

Last weekend I decided to try out the Raspberry Ripple Cake which actually comes from this book.
A triple layered cake covered in a light and smooth meringue icing, it sounded amazing so I made the sponge up on the Friday night intending to decorate on Saturday morning.

The meringue icing involves whisking egg whites until they form stiff, glossy peaks and then the addition of a sugar syrup
. Once this is done you sandwich the three layers together with raspberry jam and white chocolate meringue icing.

To finish off you coat
the sides and top of the cake with the raspberry meringue icing and added some of the remaining white chocolate icing to create the 'ripple' effect. I also added touches of raspberry jam to add further colour and depth. Once finished it looked something a little like this:

And finally a lovely cross section which shows you what a beast this cake was!

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